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๐Ÿ’ผ Service Packages: | Basic Tweak |

Experience an average FPS increase of 80-90 and reduced input delay, depending on your hardware.

| Good Tweak |

Enjoy even higher FPS boosts and further reduced input delay.

| Advanced Tweak |

Get advanced FPS and input delay improvements, along with BIOS tweaks, suitable for both laptops and PCs.

| Extreme Tweaking |

Achieve tournament-ready performance with a fully optimized Windows 10 installation, focused on minimizing input delay, overclocking (optional), BIOS updates, and optimizing ping for competitive gaming.

| FULL Tweaks |

Unlock unparalleled performance with zero input delay, utilizing a stripped-down version of Windows 10, overclocking for optimal performance, BIOS tweaks, and ping optimization. Ideal for competitive players striving for peak performance.