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Grand Theft Auto 5 money farming is a neat speed-up for your dough collecting efforts. Everyone in GTA V needs more money now but not everyone gets it. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a good team to work towards their goal with or not everyone has enough time to grind for more dollars.

Buying this boost you get

  • The chosen amount of GTA 5 MONEY

  • QUICK and SECURE order delivery

How long will it take?

Usually, on PC it takes around 1 hour to deliver the money in GTA 5.

On PS/Xbox it takes 1 day on average

What are those options for PS/Xbox Cash?

For Playstation and Xbox we offer two options: Cash Delivery and Cash + Deluxos Delivery. For PC players, we offer only pure cash.

  1. Cash Delivery๐Ÿ’ฐ: Receive the full amount in cash, instantly boosting your in-game currency.

  2. Cash + Deluxos Delivery๐Ÿ’ฐ+๐Ÿš—: Get approximately 30% of the amount in cash and the remaining 70% in Deluxo cars. This method ensures the safest delivery of money on consoles. By selling Deluxos, you maintain a steady cash flow while avoiding detection.
    Follow this pattern for selling Deluxos:

  • First car: 100% sell price

  • Second car: 50% sell price

  • Third car: 20% sell price

  • Fourth car and beyond: 5% sell price

  • Cooldown: 18 hours

For optimal results, sell one car every 18 hours for the full price, or two cars each 18 hours (first at full price, second at half price). This strategy maximizes your earnings while ensuring safe transactions.

Do I have to share my account?

Yes, this boost is done WITH account sharing, unless you choose "No Account Sharing" option (available for PC only).

โš ๏ธ Disclaimer

While we take full responsibility for the quality and timing of our work, we cannot be held responsible for what happens to your account after the boost. Boosting and account sharing are prohibited by the game rules, it is your decision to break them. In the unlikely event of suspension of your account, we'll help as much as we can, but we will not be able to provide a refund. Our customers haven't reported any issues, but we would like to be honest about the potential risk.